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Reisverzekeringspapieren bij cubatrotter


In German-speaking countries, tour operators have to issue a travel insurance coupon as soon as a customer's booking occurs. The exact formulation of this document is not ideal: not the trip itself is insured, but (and only to a certain amount) the (pre-)payments made to the operator.


To express it in a simpler way: Travel insurance coupon is nothing else than an insurance for insolvency. In case the tour operator becomes insolvent before the tour is consumed, the amount already paid is secured and will be refunded if  the trip itself is cancelled.


Why does Cubatrotter NOT issue a travel insurance coupon? As a non-European enterprise we are not only not obliged to do so; we simply cannot do it. With our option payment after the trip, we offer a more effective security for our customers and unsurpassed token of trust.



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