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Zelfde service goedkoper aangeboden bij de concurrentie? wij hebben de beste prijs garantie!


Cubatrotter's Best Price Guarantee:


In case you find a cheaper travel offer for Cuba with another travel agent, including exactly the same services, simply let us know and send us an email with either the link or the travel offer.

Our prices have been calculated closely and we avoid complicated retail channels that in  turn bring along additional costs. Therefore, it is rather unlikely that you will find a cheaper offer elsewhere.

Make sure you have a close look at every detail and compare all services and data! Cubatrotter does not hide additional costs in tiny letters; with other agents this might occur and price differences often can be explained as follows:


  • Rental car trips. Other agents often do not include a comprehensive insurance or a GPS system; sometimes not even  basic insurance is included in the price. The same thing happens with delivery charges for the car: they are not included in the travel price. When reading the small letters, you might not notice the mention of the "costs to be paid on-the-spot". These fees often ascend to several hundreds of US Dollars, an additional cost you will probably not take into account before your trip.
  • Rental car trips. Take a close look at the vehicle category offered for your trip. A small car is something quite different than a 4 wheel drive.
  • Small group trips. Take into consideration that the maximum number of participants for our small group trips (Total 14) is considerably lower than is the case for group trips with bigger agents, where often 25 persons or more have to share the same travel guide. Under certain circumstances, a big group trip can be somewhat cheaper than a small group tour, but the travel experience is uncomparable. That is why these modalities should be considered as different products.
  • Hotel categories (Tour). Make sure you take a close look at the Hotel category. Tours are often announced with 4**** star hotels, and then somewhere, it will mention "Local Category". Here at Cubatrotter, we think it is better to designate the hotels according to western standards, as the local category does not mean much to most travelers.
  • Individual trips with private guide. When comparing prices, please check carefully if the other travel agent is really planning the trip exclusively for you, or if you will be booked into a group (even though only part of your trip, or just for a few days).
  • Beach hotels. We have a small but very nice selection of beach hotels that offer us good prices. On the internet, you can often find the same hotels at giveaway prices. Take into account that the local taxes of 13% might not be included in the announced price, and check if breakfast is included.
    If after comparing the services attentively, another travel agent would still turn out to offer cheaper prices, we will be glad to calculate our price once again.


Please give us the chance to convince you that our prices are the lowest for the same services!