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cuba small group tours - please be tolerant (!)


Just like in all other destinations of we also trust in our proven system as far as Cuba is concerned: Small groups, English speaking guide and comfortable small van.


In contrast to other countries, we cannot provide all the services on our own because of Cuba's political system. Just like all the other tour operators we have to deal with the state controlled and organized services and make the best of it.

We want to ask all travelers to be prepared for possible inconveniences, to have an open mind and to be tolerant so that this beautiful island can be enjoyed to the fullest. 


Tourist boom

Cuba has become a popular tourist destination and we expect the run to increase in the next years. Unfortunately tourist infrastructure has already reached its limits in some areas which results in sometimes quite chaotic organisation or in change of hotel bookings. 



Few Cuban travel guides have a lot of experience. We try to get the best guides but the final choice is made by the organizers in Cuba. Quite frequently, guides are told only a few days beforehand that they will travel with a group. Whoever speaks the customers' language a little bit seems to be qualified to be a guide.



All vehicles are quite new but inconvieniences  may occur. for example, a microphone is missing because the last guide took it with him so he can  make some extra money. In communist Cuba buying a new microphone is more complicated than in western countries.



On guided tours you will stay in good middle-class hotels. We again ask for tolerance as far as service and organisation is concerned.


Cubatrotter is responsible for thier own mistakes. When travelers are dissatisfied with the service, we will have to stress the facts mentioned above.


Few tour operators are as transparent as we are. Tolerance and awareness of the difference of culture will certainly help you enjoy your dream trip to Cuba.







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