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Einheimische Frau beim Tabakanbau auf Kuba - Cubatrotter

Tobacco industry in cuba


The cultivation of tobacco and the production of cigars has its origins in Central and South America. However, the exact country of origin is unknown.


Hardly any other tobacco is associated with so much enjoyment as the Habano, the tobacco from Cuba for the cigar. The name Habano derives from the city of Havana, which is the center of cigar production and representative of the various production sites. Therefore, the Habano cigar is often referred to as Havana. There is also the main port for the export of cigars abroad.



Grown in the best Cuban regions, it has excellent characteristics. The tobacco may only be called Habano in 4 regions after harvest and storage. In addition, the name Habano is legally protected. Furthermore, Habanos cigars must be at least three grams in weight and manufactured in Cuba under certain defined quality criteria. The expensive brands of Habano are rolled exclusively by hand, cheaper cigars are sometimes also produced by machine.


The perfect geological subsoil, the right sea level and adequate humidity ensure the unforgettable taste and unique flavors. In addition to the regional characteristics, the Habano cigar also characterizes the traditional craftsmanship that has characterized many years. It takes over 200 steps, from harvesting to final packaging to produce the Habano cigar.


So if you want to enjoy a real Cuban cigar, grab a Habanos! One of the world's most popular brands is the Cohiba, local brands include Partagas or the Guantanamera. Tradition, knowledge and experience have made the Cuban producers masters of their class.


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