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SPANISh course & cUBA language travel


We all know the numerous advantages of learning a language is in the country where it is originally spoken and to have contact with native speakers. But do you know why it is especially beautiful to learn Spanish in Cuba?


Cuba is not only politically and culturally a highlight, but also the studying of the Spanish language the  Cuban way goes quite well. With  Cuban's mentality and their clear expression of the language, every hour of training is a great experience for everyone.

Spanish language courses at the university of Havana. The long years of  experience of the university of Havana with Spanish language courses guarantees our clients a high level of language education. We offer language courses for beginners as well as advanced students. At the beginning of the course an assessment will be done to determine the level of knowledge. You have the possibility to attend courses from 1 to 4 weeks of duration (see tables). From December to April there are only language courses that last 3 weeks.

The courses start every first Monday of each month. The inscription is on the first day immediately after the assessment. There is a inscription fee, payable on location. The class are from Monday through  Friday from 09:00 to 12:30 and every lesson lasts 45 Minutes.







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