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information about public bus travel


All information about the departure times and arrival times of the bus (as of February 2016) are without guarantee. You will automatically receive a list of confirmed bookings in Casas Particulares, hotels, as well as the current departure and arrival times of the Viazul buses or other booked bus companies before starting your journey. The buses are air-conditioned. Please take warmer clothes for bus rides!


Changes in performance


The program sequence and / or the hotel services may include e.g. For technical or weather-related reasons (for example timetable changes of the scheduled bus company) but in the short term without changing the overall performance. It is self-evident to us that we make every effort to find at least an equivalent substitute for you.


If the timetables and / or the program sequence lead to changes that can be unilaterally triggered by the Cuban service providers and can not be influenced by us, we try to find suitable alternatives. Insofar as such changes have a demonstrable effect on tariffs, there may also be price changes and adjustments in the travel price, which are expressly reserved for such cases. In any case, we will endeavor, in your interest, in dialogue with our service providers to take measures that do not alter your journey as much as possible. However, we would like to point out that changes that can not be influenced by the Cuban service providers can be possible during your trip. In all cases where changes in content or price may result from the booked travel, our organizer's liability is limited to the respective price of the tour.


An open word on the Cuban private pensions


The accommodation in private pensions is an absolutely recommended alternative to hotel overnight stays - especially for our guests, who would like to get to know the country and the people. Through contact with the landlords one obtains e.g. Insights into the Cuban everyday life as it is otherwise hardly possible. The Casa-Hosts are all very concerned about their guests and offer a dedicated service, which is mostly above the service level of the local hotels. Of course, your hosts can also provide you with many tips for your activities on your own - first-hand insider tips.


On the other hand, however, it is also important to know that your landlords are private and not hoteliers - and that these are private homes in a developing country and not hotels with an international standard. So you have to reckon with the possibility that the current may fail (no emergency generators) or that the hot water preparation or the air conditioning system does not work (the spare parts procurement is sometimes difficult). These are, of course, exceptions and your landlords will be very anxious to remedy this as soon as possible.


It is also important to know that the building codes are Are not comparable to European standards. Stairs, railings and balconies e.g. No minimum heights or e.g. In electrical installations there is usually neither a protective conductor nor a "protection" for bath installations - this is country-specific (and is also valid for many hotels, for example). When handling electrical equipment.


In the case of accommodation in private pensions, you are naturally also part of the Cuban environment. Many of our passengers would like this. This also means that, according to the Cuban mentality, a family celebration can also take place, or a play of the Cuban national baseball can be watched with audible enthusiasm.


Important information about bus trips and accommodation


  • Departure and arrival times of public buses cannot be guaranteed.
  • Air-conditioned buses
  • In case of a change of program we try to provide an equivalent replacement
  • Changes by Cuban agencies can lead to price changes and to adjustments in travel price.
  • Private pensions are an affordable alternative to hotel accommodation
  • Building standards in Cuba are different from European standards



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