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car rental with driver service



Do you want to take full advantage of a rental car trip, but do not prefer to drive yourself? Then we have the perfect solution for your rental car in Cuba with our professional drivers!


Of course we can understand that it is not everyone's taste to be traveling alone in a foreign country. Nevertheless, many of our customers do not want to forego the flexibility of having their own car. Furthermore, you can tailor the itinerary individually to your wishes on a road trip. With our service of a chauffeur, you can experience your own personal round trip safely and comfortably.


Your driver is available for all booked days for 8 hours driving time. Furthermore, this waits during visits up to 4 hours for you. The total cost of the chauffeur is already included in the price and you will have to worry about nothing during the trip.


Please note that the driver is not to be confused with a tour guide. The chauffeur usually speaks only Spanish and "broken English", but is informed in advance about your booked itinerary.

Browse through our tours or let our travel consultants put together an individual route. Each rental car trip can be extended by one driver. Just let your seller know if you want to use our driver service. Your adventure in your own rental car with driver in Cuba is therefore nothing in the way!


Included Services:


  • Car rental with professional cuban driver
  • Available daily for up to 8 hours
  • Catering and accommodation for the driver
  • Briefing of the driver about booked itinerary




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