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REnTal Car tour with cubatrotter: carefree and very easy


All Cubatrotter cars have a comprehensive insurance. The car insurance must be paid in Cuba in CUC. Unfortunately we cannot charge the insurance with the tour price in advance). A deposit also has to be paid on site. Here you find a   List of costs according to vehicle type.


Car insurance in Cuba: All car rental companies offer an "all-inclusive insurance policy" covering complete or partial theft (with the exception of tires and radio), accidents, natural disasters and liability in case of accidents. Please  note: Any damage must be reported and filed with the police.

If the policy holder is at fault, his/her own contribution is 350,00 CUC or more, depending on the car category (with the exception of Rex without deductible). If persons, apart from those mentioned in the contract are driving the car insurance cover is not valid. 

Liability insurance for rental cars: The legal limit for damage to the property of a third party in the event of an accident is 15.000 CUC, in case of injury or death of a third person 5.000 CUC. For more people the total is limited to 25,000 CUC.


Please note Conditions in detail for car hire in Cuba.



Our Recommendation:


  • We advise you to take out supplementary insurance already in your country of residence to increase the sum insured (Liability), since this is currently limited to  max. 5.000 USD (As of 06.2008)
  • Ask for the most favorable conditions for your car insurance,the  ADAC or many other providers!

Also with Cubatrotter:


  • A 24h, English speaking  Service Number


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