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Kuba als Backpacker in der Gruppe bereisen - Cubatrotter

Discover cuba as a backpacker


Cuba is one the most famous backpackers destinations and not only is it an interesting place, its also the safest travel destination for thrill seekers who are not looking for anything  comfortable.

In this section, Cubatrotter would like to give some advise and  tips for traveling through Cuba on your own.



Private Accommodation (Casas particulares)


The hotel landscape of Cuba can be described as follows: Either huge ''All Inclusive Hotels'' in la Varadero or Hotels for Backpackers in the City which are mostly overpriced. Favorable 2 or 3 star hotels are not easy to find in Cuba. But Cuba has a perfect solution: Everyone in Cuba who has a permit, can rent out a room in his house. The accommodation in Casas Particulares is basic, but still clean, Breakfast is freshly made and prepared with pleasure. 


How to find Casas Particulares? Watch out for the Pyramid Symbol in blue on the front door


Our Tips for Casas Particulares:


  • It is better to look on your own than trust other people, who bring you to houses where you have to pay commissions
  • Look at some more accommodations, mostly you find more options in the same street
  • Count with a payment of 25 to 30 CUC per night/ per room





  • Private accommodations  (Casas particulares) vs. hotels
  • Hitchhiking, pubic buses and trains in Cuba
  • Organized day-trips and excursions in Cuba
  • cubaESPECIAL i.e. Salsa (dance course in Havana)


Organized daily trips


As in every Destination there are also in Cuba places which are better to explore with organized daily trips. For example Vinales is not easy to reach with public transportation but it is possible to stop at a nice spot with a organized trip.


You can find an overview with favorable prices in our section  daily trips on Cuba.


Other trips instead can easily be made on your own. For example a Drive with Cubas only electrical Train - the Hershey Express.

As a backpacker in Cuba from A to B 


Taking the Bus or  train? How do I get from A to B in Cuba?


While the bus system in Cuba fits into the needs of the tourists, there is a specific amount of space for tourists in the public inter urban-buses. Please remember that during high season, waiting for long hours could happen.

A trip by train in Cuba is almost a "must" and a worthwhile adventure.


Cuba is probably the safest Country for traveling in Latin America, which means hitchhiking is not a problem at all. Locals are officially not allowed to take foreigners for money, but many people stop and are excited for a few CUC.

(Its not a problem to organize this kind of private transfers in any places, just ask for it in a Bar, in a restaurant or in Casa Particulares. By the way: it is amazing how many people have space in an old 50 Chevrolet)


Shuttle Services are officially offered and  are a favorable option especially on the main routes (Varadaro - Havana or Trinidad - Varadero/Havana).


We suggest:


  • Access from Havana to Santiago or Guantanamo
  • Private Transfers
  • During the High season
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