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Cuba travelling modules - your very individual dream holiday


In this section, you will find all those ingredients that make your Cuba Travel an individual, unforgettable holiday experience.


In addition to the ready made packages in the catalogue, you will find options for your beach extension. Also find information and modules for private Cuba trips and day trips.


Navegate through all the different options. Our travel experts will be happy to help if you have any questions about possible combinations of the individual Cuba travel components.



Tolerance and cultural awareness


Due to the high demand of Cuba trips, tolerance and flexibility is required from travelers. The state agency on site that plans all tourism operations in communist Cuba, is faced with organisational difficulties espcially during high season, between November and March. Then, demand significantly exceeds the offer and hotel capacities reach their limits.

Hotels are usually booked out in advance and a change of hotel reservations is rather the rule than the exception.


Travel guides are hired by the central planning committees and only few of them have a professional training. The person who seems to be able to speak the customer's language is in frequent cases already considered the right person for the job. 


It is recommended to book well in  in advance. By doing so, you avoid the risk of changes.



To make your tailored Cuba trip the unforgettable experience you deserve we would like to make the following recommendations:


  • Please consider the disadvantages mentioned above when booking during high season (November to March) 
  • Don`t forget you are traveling to a communist country
  • Hotels in Cuba are not comparable to Western standards
  • Travel to Cuba and expect to meet open minded people and a unique political system


Benefits when booking ahead and traveling during low season (April to October):


  • Lower hotel prices
  • More hotels and travel guides are available and there is a lower risk of changes of reservations.

Why does Cubatrotter inform you transparently and clearly?


The described problems occur with all travel operators, but for honesty and transparent communication with our costumers are of utmost importance .

In many travel platforms you will find positive feedbacks to Cuba trips with Cubatrotter. Read selected Cuba travel reports and form your own opinion!




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We want to present the following points to make your Cuba trip an unforgettable experience.


  • Think of the disadvantages when booking during high season (November to March) like short term changes of reservations, few available hotels or guides.
  • Don't forget that you travel in a communist country.
  • Please take into consideration that Cuban hotels usually don't have Western standards.
  • Expect to travel to a country with open minded people and a unique political system.


Advantages of long-term bookings during low season (April to October):


  • Lower hotel prices than in high season
  • Better availability of hotels and guides and lower risk of changes of reservations


Choose from these components the ingredients of your individual trip.



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