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Mögliche Probleme bei Kuba Reisen - Cubatrotter

current problems in cuba travel


Cuba continues to enjoy an extremely high demand, which has been triggered by the "opening aspiration". Understandably, everyone wants to experience Cuba as it knows it from magazines or television: a time travel into the 50's with a lot of flair. Who knows what Cuba will look like in five years' time, when (maybe) the free market economy moves in there too?


Sometimes one has to describe the development in such a way that Cuba is very difficult to master the onslaught. As a Cuban traveler you have to face up to problems that would not be an issue in other long-haul destinations and that's why the right travel preparation for Cuba is essential. We at Cubatrotter believe that the best protection against bad surprises is transparent and honest information. That's why we'd like to invite you to read the following points so you can experience your Cuban journey the way you imagined it.



Überbuchnungen sind oftmals Problme bei Kuba Reisen - Cubatrotter


Unfortunately, hotel overbooking is commonplace. The local Communist tourism authorities organize hotel bookings etc. usually at last minute.

During high season you have to expect reservation changes. Unfortunately we have no influence on this policy and we can only compensate the price difference of the hotels (but cannot give a compensation beyond that).


All tour operators share the same problem: There is basically no possibility to book hotels directly. Everybody must purchase on site from centralized authorities and is thus subject to arbitrariness.


We of Cubatrotter make every effort to counterbalance the shortcomings with the help of our own staff on site. 


When planning your trip to Cuba, keep in mind that the onslaught on the Caribbean island is subject to extreme seasonal fluctuations. Understandably, most travelers want to escape the heat of Europe during the cold winter months; in that case, the problems in Cuba are very likely to be expected; In the off-season, however, one is relatively immune and enjoys the country without the large crowds.



Not only hotels are overbooked in Cuba but also transfers are often confirmed without knowing if enough vehicles are available. Cubatrotter operates the transfers partly directly and if a transfer doesn't work out and clients have to take a taxi we refund the transfer costs. 

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