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Questions money & payment - during your journey

How do I pay during my stay in Cuba, and what currencies are accepted?


The common currency in the tourist centres of Cuba is the CUC (Cuban Convertible Peso), which is accepted everywhere. In many regions, because of the current boost in  tourism, the Euro is also accepted, even though prices are marked in CUC. Besides, in the entire country the national currency is also used, the MN (Cuban Peso). However, you will not get use this currency, unless you stay with Cuban locals. Credit cards of most issuing institutions, such as Master Card and Visa, are also commonly accepted. Even so, please keep in mind that when planning your trip, you should request your bank to activate  your card for use while abroad. In most cases, that can be taken care of with a simple call to your bank.

How much should I tip?


Tips are a well-known phenomenon in our culture as well, but as with so many things about Cuba, there are some important differences. Due to the limitations of the political system and the different currencies used in Cuba (local and tourist currency), for many people it is difficult to have everything they need, but nevertheless they manage to work things out thanks to their positive mentality towards life and their smart ideas. For many Cubans, tourism has offered a solution. The people here pay their wages in local currency, which unfortunately does not have much value, but the tips tourists give them obviously come in CUC (the currency used in tourism).Therefore, real wages are the "tips" given by tourists. We are not allowed to give estimate amounts here, but precise and  we want to make sure you are aware of the fact that the tip you will leave is the adequate wage of your travel guide, driver, waiter, hotel maid, etc. 

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