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Do I need any particular vaccinations? What about health care in Cuba?

No special vaccinations are required generally when travelling to Cuba from European countries. As Malaria is not common in Cuba, you can travel to Cuba without worrying about  the tropical disease. Even though the healthcare system obviously cannot be compared to European standards, Cuba has the most advanced health care system of Latin America, with basic health services and specialized doctors being available throughout the country. 


Although nowadays this might be a familiar matter as buying a flight ticket, we would like to mention that the Cuban government passed a law in 2010 requiring everyone to have a health insurance that is VALID IN THEIR COUNTRY. Therefore, please check your documents with regard to foreign travel health insurance before your departure. 


Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs :

Entering Cuba for tourist purposes with a maximum stay of 30 days (a one-time extension to another 30 days is possible) is only permitted with a visa in the form of a so-called "Tourist card", which serves as permission to enter along with a passport. Tourist cards have to be purchased prior to entering the country and are available at Cuban embassies in your home country, travel agencies, tour operators and with some airlines at the airport. When leaving Cuba, a fee of 25 CUC is charged , and is paid in cash at the airport.

Is it safe to travel to Cuba? What should I particularly concern about?


The Caribbean Island is a very safe travel destination, and the crime rate in Cuba is also low.

Cuba is a very safe country in comparison with other Latin countries. The Cubans are friendly and helpful. One should, however, omit all careless and dazzling handling of objects of value, as well-known opportunity thieves. Please leave, as in many country customs, no items in the rental car.


Obviously, you should not lose sight of basic precautions, in spite of your holiday flair. If possible, only carry the amount of cash that you believe you will need and leave your valuables unattended on the beach or public places. With these small measures, your holiday will not only be more relaxed but also very safe.

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