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faq about your cuba trip

Cuba is certainly not a country that is comparable to many other destinations.

The past, the culture, the political system and many other factors have contributed to the fact that Cuba is and remains a unique destination. Also for this reason, the Caribbean island has been booming for European tourists for years.


A perfect preparation for your Cuba trip is therefore the best thing to do in order not to expect any bad surprises on the spot. We, at Cubatrotter would like to support you in this process with all possible means. In addition to personal advice from our country specialists, you can also use this page to answer your questions before departure.


Over the years, a large collection of frequently asked questions about Cuba travel has come together. Since Cuba is subject to constant change, we update the questions all the time.


To help you prepare for your trip, we divided the questions into six categories:



If any questions remain open, do not hesitate to contact your travel consultant.


Here you can find answersto frequently asked questions about your Cuba trip



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The most frequent questions that customers ask before leaving are related to money. The Cuban currency, also known as the tourist currency, is the CUC. This can only be purchased on site. So, take Euros and / or your credit card to exchange and withdraw the Cuban currency. A direct payment with credit card in hotels, restaurants or petrol stations is still hardly possible. A trip that is also connected with a lot of questions and uncertainties are car rental trips. With a good preparation this is a cheap way to travel the island individually and flexibly. In addition to the questions and answers given here, please also refer to our page with all  Special features for car seats. A good preparation ensures that you can enjoy your Cuba holiday to the fullest. Find out more about our frequently asked questions, which we have answered with great conscience and many years of experience.



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