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Beispiel der Touristenkarte für Kuba - Cubatrotter



In order to enter Cuba, a tourist card is a must. A tourist card is equal to a visa for adults, children and  infants. Upon entry, it has to be submitted to authorities  together with a passport valid for 6 months. The Cuba Tourist Card entitles you to a stay of 30 days and can be renewed on site for a fee for another 30 days. This extension is usually confirmed in connection with a hotel reservation.


Upon entry into Cuba you will receive a stamp on the tourist card. The tourist card has to be filled in in block letters and words must not be crossed out. When you leave the country the card must be presented with a boarding pass and will be retained by the authorities. In case of a cancelation of your trip, the tourist card cannot be returned but can be used later, since they dont have an expiry date.


Where can I get a tourist card and where can I apply for it?


There are several ways to purchase and apply for a Cuba tourist card. When booking with Cubatrotter you have the option to order the tourist card right next to it. This costs 30 euros per person (including shipping) and will be sent directly to your home.


You can also get the tourist card through the Cuban Consulate. This variant is a bit more complicated. For this you have to send the original document of the travel insurance as well as a photocopy of the passport and the flight ticket. After applying for the tourist card, a processing time of several weeks can be expected.


You can also get tourist tickets through your airline. At the airport there is an additional counter of your airline, where you have the opportunity to purchase tourist tickets directly on the spot. Be punctual at the airport!


If you have booked at short notice, there is still the possibility to have the tourist card sent home comfortably!


To get to the tourist card in time for your last minute booking, click on the following Link and make the obligatory order here; choose the option Express delivery, if you want it to be particularly quicker!




Please take note of the following guidelines:


  • Make sure that the tourist cards for Cuba are completed in block capitals. The crossed out information is invalid

  • Please do not fill in the fields  ENTRADA und SALIDA. These are stamped by the authorities at the passport control at the airport

  • If you do not want to have Cuban entry stamp in the passport, you can specify this when entering customs

  • Check that your Cuba tourist card is stamped. Otherwise this is invalid



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