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the Cubatrotter cuba travel Lexicon


In this section, our two Cuba specialists Daris & Maylin present first-hand terms that will surely come up again and again on your next trip through Cuba. The terms come from the area of land and people, culture, dance and music, culinary, Cuba's heroes and sights.


On a lexicon journey from west to east, a lot has come together at the two. From Habaneros, Bici taxis on Cucuruchu everything is there. Each week, Daris & Maylin will add a term from their trip to Cuba and share their experiences with you. Be curious and discover together with us the unique charm of the country.

Maylin, what can you tell us about Cuba?



Just take a look at the lexicon, Daris!
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Hello, we are Daris & Maylin (by the way, two very typical names for Cuba). We are happy to introduce all Cuban travelers and interested parties, our Caribbean island and country & people.


We invite everyone to find out more about Cuba, the people and the country in general before the trip. You will see that you almost feel like a local with us. Have fun reading our Cuba Lexicon.


We come up with something new every week. Often look over, so definitely worth it!

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