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Verhaltensregeln auf Kuba beachten - Cubatrotter



In the Caribbean, customs and customs are different from those in Europe. Cuba in particular is a country that has been strongly influenced by communism in recent years. The following tips are to help our travelers to behave properly towards the locals on their journey through Cuba.

Although Cuba is a low-crime country, we ask our tourists for attention and caution. Basically you should always keep an eye on your valuables. Especially in the larger cities such as Havana or Santiago de Cuba special care is required. Also in a rental car  no luggage should be left behind.



Welcome a lo Cubano: to greet each other, shake hands. The Cubans usually greet each other with "Compañero", but holidaymakers should use "Señor" or "Señora". All Cubans have two surnames, but only the first one is used in the salutation.


Women traveling: Cuba is the safest travel destination in Latin America. Virtually no sexual assault or other violence against women is known. One should nevertheless be careful as a woman not to wear strongly provocative clothing and not to go in the darkest streets at night. Flirting attempts of the Cubans will be experienced again and again, but that is part of it and is by no means meant evil. These can be safely ignored and dismissed with a simple "No".


Taking photos: Basically, you should respect the residents here. Not every Cuban wants to be photographed on a holiday picture. You are nevertheless very cordial and open and are not averse to take a picture on demand. As long as you ask nicely, nothing can happen. What you should not photograph in any case are military objects, bridges, airfields and some public buildings.


Behavior in nature: There are some rules of behavior that must be observed when hiking through nature in Cuba. It is not allowed to feed wild animals as they will otherwise start to beg and lose their ability to go foraging on their own. Furthermore, you must not touch any plants or animals on site. Some plant species are poisonous and can have consequences. Also, no souvenirs from nature such as woods, corals and plants should be performed. When using anti-mosquito spray and creams, make sure that you do not touch any animals after use. Even a few hours after the use of these preparations, residues can kill insects and also frogs by merely  touching them.



The most important points about "The rules of conduct" of  Cuba at a glance:


  • Always keep an eye on your valuables
  • Welcome by handshake
  • Women travelling: Do not wear clothes that are too sexy
  • Don not photograph any military objects,Bridges or airfields
  • Do not feed animals whe hiking in nature
  • Do not touch animals or plants! In the worst case, these can end up in the hospital
  • Gifts from nature may not be carried away


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