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Traumhaftes Wetter & die beste Reisezeit für Kuba - Cubatrotter
best travel time for cuba


Pack your suitcase, Daris! We fly to Cuba.

Is this the best time to travel to Cuba, Maylin?

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Information on the best time to travel to Cuba:


  • In  Cuba, Pleasnt temperatures all year round
  • Average temperature between 25 - 30°
  • Seasons are divided into dry and rainy seasons
  • Dry season is from November to May 
  • Rainy season is from June to October
  • Hurricane season is also part of  the rainy season
  • Tourist places have organized disaster relief
  • Best time for beach lovers is from November to May


When is the best time to visit cuba?

Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean Sea. It is dominated by tropical Savannah clima with temperatures between 25 and 30 ° C. Moreover, it is also relatively flat. Nevertheless, there are also mountainous areas with heights of 800 to 1800 meters. In these heights it rains much more. More frequently, the north coast and the north east also tend to precipitate higher than the south coast. One differentiates between the dry and rainy season in Cuba. The dry season is from November to April and the rainy season officially from May to October. Because of the year-round pleasant climate, always the best travel time for Cuba is given. The Cuban climate is influenced by the northeast trade route. In the rainy season, from May to October, it is not a constant rain, but short, violent, tropical shudders. On some days it can not rain. Generally speaking, it is the wettest and driest on the south coast of Cuba, in the Guantanamo Bay area, east of Santiago de Cuba.





Although Cuba is an all-year holiday destination, some important points are needed. The rainfall is significantly higher over the summer months than in the winter months. Also the humidity increases in this time of the year. Those who are acclimatized to these weather conditions will be able to experience a perfect holiday in summer. But what about hurricanes and hurricanes in the rainy season? Also in this time of travel for Cuba you do not have to avoid the island, because the tourist regions are armed against difficult weather conditions. Although the risk of a strong storm in the off-season is higher, one can not generally say that it will happen. Not every year there are heavy hurricanes, and if so, the tourist places have a well organized disaster protection.



When is the best travel time to cuba for me?

The best time to travel to Cuba for those who like to spend their holidays at the beach is in the dry season from November to May. Cuba is known for its dream beaches. Especially in Varadero one finds one. There stretches a 20 km long sandy beach along the turquoise blue sea. As Varadero falls very flat into the sea, it is the perfect place to spend a unique holiday. For nature lovers, the best time to travel is the year round. The provinces of Sancti Spiritus and Villa Clara are crossed by green valleys and hills. Further east you will find breathtaking mountain chains and rural flair. In the Sierra Maestra, for example, you can take a trek through the National Park and admire Fidel Castro's headquarters. Here you can find many forests which are completely untouched. Experience a mix of unspoiled nature, friendly people and the charm of the 50s at every Cuba travel season.

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