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cubatrotter lives the TROTTERMUNDO Philosophy


Since 2013, Cubatrotter has been a local brand in the Trottermundo cooperation system, a fusion of locally based, English-speaking country specialists. All local partners strictly abide by a joint philosophy based on the following principles:


honesty, admitting mistakes, unbureaucratic, passionate, enviromentally conscious



This is reflected in our price transparency. Cubatrotter is inexpensive, but never at the expense of quality. We do want our customers to have the possibility to save some extra money here and there and often actively point out cheaper alternatives of specific components (e.g. flight or beach hotels) or potential savings in order to reduce the trip's total price. 
With honesty, we also refer to a fair and correct conduct between our employees and with our partners (tour guides, hotels, transfer partners, rental car companies etc.)

Admitting to mistakes
We are a well-organized company with years of experience in tourism. However, we are still "only" humans and as such we can sometimes make mistakes. Should this occur, you can expect a sincere apology as well as a prompt compensation.


Both externally with our customers and internally within our organization, we try to avoid unnecessary bureaucracy and can thus save time and money by avoiding long processes and additional work effort. This is then reflected in our tour prices.


With passion
Here at Cubatrotter we love our country and our job. Our customers can therefore be assured that our proposals are created with love and understanding in order to provide you a wonderful holiday. We are living the "Pura Vida" in Cuba!


Environmentally conscious

Protecting the environment and act socially responsible is one of Cubatrotter's most important concerns, both in the selection of hotels and carriers and as well as in daily business operations. 

Also in our daily office life, we pay attention to a responsible handling of our resources. Avoiding waste, separating waste products and the appropriate recycling of all office supply (ink cartridges, old electronic devices, waste-paper etc.) are of highest priority. Fair treatment and payment as well as flat hierarchies make for satisfied employees at Team Cubatrotter.

An intact nature is humankind's most valuable asset and everyone should contribute all that's humanly possible to sustain it.



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